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Course Handouts

Introductory Course Information and Activities:

Course Outline

Classroom Rules and Guidelines

Achievement Level Conversions

Mrs. Robinson’s Marking Legend

Student Information Sheet

Personal Writing Response

Examples of Imagery in Literature

Imagery Writing Activity

Supplementary Reading Sheets:

Supplementary Reading Sheet #1

Supplementary Reading Sheet #2

Supplementary Reading Sheet #3

Supplementary Reading Sheet #4

Supplementary Reading Sheet #5

Supplementary Reading Sheet #6

Supplementary Reading Sheet #7

Supplementary Reading Sheet #8

Supplementary Reading Sheet #9

Supplementary Reading Sheet #10

Short Story Analysis Unit:

Prior Knowledge Quiz (Answers)

Elements of a Short Story Review

Literary Elements and Analysis Prompts

Visual Short Story: “For The Birds”

How to Analyze a Character

Character Archetypes:

Character archetypes are stock characters or character models that share similar characteristics, and are developed in similar ways, in many pieces of literature.

Character Foils:

Character foils are two characters who are meant to contrast one another in one or more significant ways. These characters may share some superficial similarities, but they usually possess ONE key difference that is important to an understanding of each character’s personality.

What is Irony?

Verbal Irony:

Situational Irony:

Dramatic Irony:

Suspense Techniques PowerPoint

Suspense Techniques Handout

Correct Short Answer Format

“Lamb to the Slaughter” (Story)

Character, Irony and Suspense in “Lamb…”

Character Archetypes in “Lamb to the…”

“Lamb to the Slaughter” (Alfred Hitchcock Version):


“Lamb to the Slaughter” (Viewing Sheet)

“Charles” (Story)

“Charles” (Analysis Questions)

Exploring Science Fiction

“Super-Toys Last All…” (Story)

“Super Toys Last All…” (Questions)

“Who’s Liable If Robots…” (Article)

Robot Response

“Just Lather That’s All” (Story)

“Just Lather, That’s All” (Questions)

Figurative Language REVIEW PowerPoint

The Difference Between Similes and Metaphors:

The Good, Bad, & Ugly of Metaphors/Similes

Commenting on the Effectiveness of Similes

“The Tell-Tale Heart” Judgement Statements

“The Tell-Tale Heart” Vocabulary Definitions

“The Tell-Tale Heart” (Story)

“The Tell-Tale Heart” (Questions)

“The Tell-Tale Heart” Animation:

Figurative Language Test Review #1

ANSWERS for Review #1

Figurative Language Test Review #2

ANSWERS for Review #2

Figurative Language Test Review #3

ANSWERS for Review #3

Short Story Test Review

Short Story Test Review #2

ANSWERS for Review #2

Persuasive Paragraph Resources and Practice:

16 Steps to Writing a Persuasive Paragraph

The KEY Conventions of Formal Writing

Transition Word Suggestions

“Death By Scrabble” (Story)

“Death By Scrabble” Practice Paragraph

Persuasive Paragraph Organizer

Sample Persuasive Paragraph #1

Persuasive Writing Techniques

ETHOS Used in Advertising:

PATHOS Used in Advertising:

LOGOS Used in Advertising:

The Important Keys to Literary Analysis

Sample Persuasive Paragraph #2

Sample Persuasive Paragraph #3

Even MORE Figurative Language Devices

Paragraph Assessment for “The Sniper”

Novel Study Unit: The Chrysalids

Pre-Reading Questions for the Novel

Our Reading and Evaluation Schedule

Chapters #1-2 Vocabulary and Questions

Theme Analysis Template

Exploring Character in the Novel

Personal Journal Reflection

Reflecting on the Conclusion

How to Sequence the Human Genome:

The Race to Sequence the Human Genome:

Making Text-to-World Connections

Film Screening: “Gattaca”


An Active Viewing Sheet for the Film

Making Connections to History – Chernobyl

Shakespeare/Play Unit: Twelfth Night

“Crash Course” Introductory Videos:

William Shakespeare Biography

Find Some Interesting Shakespeare Facts

“Shakespeare: The Legacy” Viewing Sheet

Things to Know When Studying Shakespeare

Twelfth Night Summary Poem

What is Twelfth Night About?

Characteristics of a Shakespearean Comedy

Background on the Play’s Title

The Importance of Character Names

Twelfth Night Article and Questions

Key Themes and Motifs in the Play

Evaluations & Due Dates

The Chrysalids 2-Day Unit Test:

Day #1: Thursday January 10th, 2019

Day #2: Friday January 11th, 2019

Unit Test Structure

Unit Test Review #1

Unit Test Mark Breakdown and Timing

Sample Short Answer Response

Information/Questions for Day #2

Dramatic Character Monologue Evaluation: 

December 17th – December 20th, 2018

Dramatic Monologue Assignment

Dramatic Monologue Rubric

Dramatic Monologue Organizer

What to Submit for Your Monologue

Monologue Peer-Editing Checklist

Monologue Self-Editing Checklist

Period #2A Presentation Schedule

Period #2B Presentation Schedule

Turnitin.com Steps for Students

Formal Persuasive Paragraph Evaluation:

Tuesday November 13th, 2018

Persuasive Paragraph Evaluation

Persuasive Paragraph Rubric

Your 4 Short Story Choices

16 Steps to Writing a Paragraph

KEY Conventions of Formal Writing

Transition Word Suggestions

Persuasive Paragraph Organizer

MLA Citation Formatting

What to Submit for Your Evaluation

Turnitin.com Steps for Students

Self-Editing Sheet

Peer-Editing Sheet

Ways to Improve Your Paragraph

Setting Achievement Goals

Short Story Unit Multiple Choice Test:

Monday October 22nd, 2018

Short Story Test Review

Short Story Test Review #2

ANSWERS for Review #2

Short Story Test Review #3

ANSWERS Review #3

Figurative Language Multiple Choice Test:

Tuesday October 16th, 2018

Figurative Language Test Review #1

ANSWERS for Review #1

Figurative Language Test Review #2

ANSWERS for Review #2

Figurative Language Test Review #3

ANSWERS for Review #3

News & Important Reminders

Important Notifications: December 21st, 2018

This is a reminder that your HOMEWORK over the winter break (December 22nd – January 6th) is to complete the Unit Test Review for our novel study unit (The Chrysalids). Please note that this review is only for Day #1 of the test, which will consist of a sight passage and 3 short answer questions (this first day of the test is scheduled for Thursday January 10th, 2019). All of the material that is covered over the course of our 3 review periods (January 7th – January 9th) will make up the content of the additional 3 short answer questions on Day #2 of the test (scheduled for Friday January 11th, 2019). Please be sure to follow formal writing conventions, and a point/proof/analysis format for your short answer responses for this Unit Test Review, and please note that your proof (quotations) should come directly from each sight passage provided. Thank you! Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time with friends and family over the next 2 weeks! I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2019! All the best!