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Evaluations & Due Dates

Unit #1: Personal Persuasive Essay Analysis Due Dates: Please read and adhere to these timelines…

Personal Persuasive Essay Analysis Test: Monday September 23rd, 2013

Persuasive Essay Practice Test (Essay)

Persuasive Essay Practice Test (Questions)

Personal Persuasive Essay Evaluation: Thursday September 26th, 2013

Personal Persuasive Essay


Personal Persuasive Essay

Personal Persuasive Essay Tips

Turnitin.com Instructions for Students

ISU Literary Research Essay Due Dates: Please read and adhere to these timelines…

ISU Novel Must Be Selected By:

Friday September 13th, 2013

ISU Novel Must Be Read By:

Friday October 4th, 2013

ISU Essay Thesis Must Be Written By:

Wednesday October 9th, 2013

ISU Annotated Bibliography Must Be Written By: Monday October 28th, 2013

ISU Literary Essay ROUGH Copy Must Be Completed By: Monday November 25th, 2013

ISU Literary Essay GOOD Copy Must Be Completed By: Monday December 2nd, 2013

ISU Evaluation

ISU Creating a Thesis and Research

ISU Suggested Reading #1

ISU Suggested Reading #2

ISU Literary Essay Outline

Annotated Bibliography #1

Annotated Bibliography #2

ISU MLA Citation Resource Sheet

News & Important Reminders

Homework Question (Monday September 30th): Comment on the air of mystery that is created by Utterson and Enfield’s discussion of the blackmail incident in “Story of a Door”. What aspects of the text contribute to the mystery that is evoked here (i.e. diction, narration, the denial of information)? Also, what character information do readers learn about Mr. Hyde in this introductory passage? Discuss and make notes.

Reminder: Our class on Friday September 27th is an ISU Literary Research Essay work period, so please bring everything that you need to class in order to ensure that you can be extremely productive!

Please check the ISU Student Novel Selection list below in order to ensure that I have the correct novel information recorded for your ISU Literary Research Essay Evaluation. Thanks!

ISU Student Novel Selection

Reminder: Your Persuasive Essay Analysis Test will take place in class on Monday September 23rd. Please remember to complete the 3 review essays provided under the “Course Handouts” section of the website. Note: If you were absent for Friday`s class, and you did not pick up your Persuasive Essay Analysis PRACTICE Test, then please take the time to pick it up from me on Monday morning in the English office for feedback. Also, please read the Tips for Improving Your Performance on the Persuasive Essay Analysis Test provided below:

Tips for Improving Your Performance on the Persuasive Essay Analysis Test:

1. When the question asks you to state the thesis of the essay in your own words, be sure to be very clear as to what you think the author’s central argument is. Express this clearly in your own words, and that will get you one of the two marks that the question is worth. In order to get the second mark, please ensure that you are incorporating a supporting quotation from the essay that proves that this is indeed the thesis that is explicitly stated or implicitly suggested in the text.

2. When you are identifying the internal strategies and the rhetorical devices within the essay, be sure to also provide a thorough analysis of the purpose and effect of the strategy/device on the overall persuasiveness of the essay. Simply identifying the device is not enough. Also be sure to extensively review the 9 internal strategies taught in this unit (that structure an author’s arguments), as well as the many rhetorical devices (that add style and emphasis to an author’s points/writing) discussed in class. You should know the difference between them or your responses on the test will be negatively affected!

3. Pay attention to the mark allotments for each question. Spend more time, and include more detail, for a question that is worth 10 marks as opposed to a question that is worth 2 marks.

4. Include as many direct quotations as you can from the essay to support your assertions, and then critically analyze how each example proves your point.

5. Keep in mind that the central question that should be running through your mind for every response that you write is “How does this aspect of the essay increase or decrease the overall persuasiveness of the essay?” Consider this question consistently in order to help you push your analysis further, and be more critical in your approach.

6. Add as much detail as possible to your responses within the 75 minute time constraint (our class period). Do not simply repeat the same point or idea over and over again. This will not get you more marks.

7. Proofread your responses for spelling and grammar errors prior to submission (leave yourself a few minutes at the end of class).

8. When you are addressing whether you agree or disagree with the author’s thesis, be sure to discuss the author’s rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, logos) in more detail, as well as any persuasive techniques that you have not previously discussed, but that you still think are relevant to proving your position. This question is worth 10 marks, so ensure that you have a minimum of 5 strong points that you provide a clear analysis of for each (5 arguments + 5 follow-up analyses = 10 marks for that question).

Please Note: On Monday September 9th, our class will be going to the school library to select novels for the ISU Literary Research Essay Evaluation. Please bring your library card to school with you on Friday. Also, please meet in the classroom at the beginning of the period and we will proceed to the library together as a class!