English with Miss Robinson
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Course Handouts

Introductory Course Information and Activities:

Course Outline

Classroom Rules and Guidelines

Achievement Level Conversions

Introductory Writing Activity

Critical Reading Activities

Critical Reading PowerPoint

Enriched Supplementary Reading List

Supplementary Reading Sheets:

Supplementary Reading Sheet #1

Supplementary Reading Sheet #2

Supplementary Reading Sheet #3

Supplementary Reading Sheet #4

Supplementary Reading Sheet #5

Supplementary Reading Sheet #6

Supplementary Reading Sheet #7

Supplementary Reading Sheet #8

Supplementary Reading Sheet #9

Supplementary Reading Sheet #10

Short Story Analysis Unit:

The Fall of a City by Alden Nowlan

The Fall of a City Questions

How to Respond to Short Answer Questions

The Important Keys to Literary Analysis

Elements of a Short Story

Helpful Questions for Short Story Analysis

Responding Critically to a Short Story

Sample Tone Words

Reading Strategies (Metacognition)

“14e Arrondissement” (A Visual Short Story)

“The Chrysanthemums” Part One

“The Chrysanthemums” Part Two

“The Chrysanthemums” Part Three

“The Chrysanthemums” Part Four

“The Chrysanthemums” Part Five

“The Chrysanthemums” Analysis Questions

“The Chrysanthemums” Sample Answer #1

“The Chrysanthemums” Sample Answer #2

Suspense REVIEW PowerPoint

Suspense Techniques Handout

“Mr. Lupescu” Short Story

“Mr. Lupescu” Plot Analysis Questions

Traditional Plot Graph Template

“French Roast” (A Visual Short Story)

“Place des Fete” (A Visual Short Story)

“The Necklace” Short Story

Figurative Language in “The Necklace”

“The Snake” Short Story

“The Snake” Theme Analysis Questions

“Transients in Arcadia” Part One

“Transients in Arcadia” Part Two

“Transients in Arcadia” Part Three

“Transients in Arcadia” Setting Questions

A Sample Short Answer Response

“The Story of An Hour” (Story)

“The Story of an Hour” (IRONY Activity)

Assessment: Short Story Analysis Paragraph

“The Veldt” Short Story

Practice Short Story Analysis Paragraph

Persuasive Paragraph Organizer

The KEY Conventions of Formal Writing

15 Steps to Writing a Persuasive Paragraph

Transition Word Suggestions

Media Analysis Unit:

Defining Media Conventions

Media Analysis Chart for Modern Family

Media Analysis Chart for The Big Bang

Media Presentation Assessment

Improving your Presentation Delivery

Media Analysis Chart for Freaks and Geeks

Media Analysis Chart for Stranger Things

Media Analysis Chart for Felicity

Media Analysis Chart for Sherlock

Media Analysis Chart for Once Upon a Time

Novel Study Unit: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Reading Schedule

20 Important Facts About the 1920′s

“The Century: America’s Time – 1920-1929″

F. Scott Fitzgerald Documentary Questions

“F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great American Dreamer”

Part #1:

Part #2:

Part #3:

Part #4:

Part #5:

The Roaring Twenties (Setting Context)

An Introduction to The Great Gatsby

Background References and Allusions

Chapter #1 Analysis Questions

Chapters #2-4 Analysis Questions

Themes in The Great Gatsby

Exploring The American Dream

Symbols in The Great Gatsby

Characterization in The Great Gatsby

Chapters #5-8 Reading Activity

Textual Analysis Tips

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #1

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #2

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #3

Responding to the Conclusion

Final Passage Textual Analysis Example

“Gatsby’s Green Light…” Article

Green Light Personal Response

Making Connections to the Novel

Character Morality Debate Activity

Film Viewing Chart and Questions

Shakespeare/Play Unit: Romeo and Juliet

Group Discussion Prompts (Love)

What do you know about Romeo and Juliet?

An Introduction to Shakespeare and the Play

Analyzing the Prologue

Things to Know When Studying Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Biography

Iambic Pentameter

Romeo and Juliet Logs

Romeo and Juliet Act I, scenes i and ii

The Courtly Love Tradition

Queen Mab Speech Activity

The Lovers Meet: A Film Comparison

Sonnet Analysis (Act I, scene v)

Characters’ Views of Love in Act I

Act 2, scenes 3-6/Act 3, scene 1 Questions

Figurative Language Definitions

Evaluations & Due Dates

Final Exam:

Monday January 29th, 2018, at 12:00PM in room A210 (our classroom)! Our exam will be 1.5 hours in length!

Review: Practice Essay Questions

Final Performance Task Assignment:

Tuesday January 23rd, 2018

Final Performance Task Assignment

Final Performance Task Rubric

Final Performance Task Planner

The Great Gatsby

Romeo and Juliet Creative Writing Task:

Thursday January 11th, 2018

Creative Writing Task with Rubric

Creative Task Peer Checklist

Creative Task Student Exemplars

What to Submit for Your Creative Task

The Great Gatsby Literary Essay:

Tuesday November 28th, 2017

Literary Essay Evaluation

Literary Essay Rubric

Literary Essay Outline

Literary Essay Peer Editing Sheet

How to Cite Quotations in Your Essay

What to Submit for Your Essay

Gatsby Textual Analysis Test:

Thursday November 16th, 2017

Textual Analysis Rubric

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #1

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #2

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #3

Sample Textual Analysis #1

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #4

Textual Analysis Practice Activity #5

MORE Textual Analysis Practice

MORE Sample Answers

Media Analysis Presentation:

Presentations will take place from Wednesday November 1st – Friday November 3rd, 2017

Media Analysis Evaluation

Media Analysis Rubric

Our Presentation Schedule

MLA Citations for Television Episodes

Media Analysis Self-Editing Sheet

Media Analysis Peer Checklist

Turnitin.com Steps for Students

Media Analysis Chart for Freaks…

Media Analysis Chart for Stranger…

Media Analysis Chart for Felicity

Media Analysis Chart for Sherlock

Media Analysis Chart for Once…

Short Story Persuasive Paragraph:

Due Tuesday October 10th, 2017

Evaluation Handout and Rubric

Persuasive Paragraph Organizer

Self Editing Sheet

Peer Editing Sheet

Sample Works Cited Page

What to Submit on October 10th

Turnitin.com Steps for Students

KEY Conventions of Formal Writing

15 Steps to Writing a Paragraph

Transition Word Suggestions

News & Important Reminders

Here’s a link to a PDF copy of The Great Gatsby if you happen to need it for your Final Performance Task:

The Great Gatsby

Your Holiday Homework (Yes, that’s an oxymoron!):

1. Please complete the rough copy of your Creative Writing Task and accompanying rationale by Monday January 8th (this must be ready for peer editing by this date)

2. Please read to the end of Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet (Please note that you will have a multiple choice quiz on Act 3 on Wednesday January 11th)

Figurative Language Definitions